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Sunday, June 10, 2012

So This Just Happened

My video card is slowly dying. It's a painful death and I'm dealing with it but one of the things I am doing to delay the planned obsolescence of this piece of hardware is keeping it nice and cool (it's overheating, I dunno it's the fan or something).
So, today I sit down, boot up my machine, and turn around and turn on the oscillating fan behind me. It's a bit high, so I reach down to adjust the height - I want it pointing directly at the tower. Then, I can't make it budge.
I lean further, turn further in my chair and twist the adjustment point - still nothing.
So - I scoot up closer, put my foot on the base, wrap both of my hands around it and kind of lean my head against the back of the fan.
What happened next  was the opposite of the picture above.

My hair gets sucked into the fan and starts going PLINK PLINK PLINK out of my head in  small clumps.

I don't know how  but it actually occurred to me at that point to turn the fan off. Amazingly, I was able to extract my head from the fan as all the hair it grabbed was neatly ripped out and I wasn't trapped.

So, that's how my Sunday just got rolling.

I am gonna take this as a good omen for the rest of today.