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Monday, June 18, 2012

Two Tales From The Road

First of all this sign.
The internet has killed my understanding language. Because I kept looking at this sign and thinking, yeah, use bottomcushion as flotation - DEF.

 So I have to admit now that we were almost to NEWARK before I realized  that it was SEAT DEF not, DEF as in "definitely".   Ok I am crazy. I admit this.

The other tale is from when we picked up our rental car. We asked for GPS and after going through the routine of upgrades and yadda yadda in order to acquire the said GPS we got into our car and sat there staring at the control panel.

We pushed buttons. We pushed different buttons. We looked at each other. But we just couldn't figure out why the GPS didn't seem to work. "We are smarter than this!" we kept exclaiming to one another.

Finally an employee walked by and we flagged her down, expressing frustratedly that the damn GPS isn't working.

She looks in the vehicle and says "That's the stereo. You don't have a GPS."


Day One down. It's gotta get better right?