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Saturday, June 16, 2012

So We Tried a Sensory Friendly Movie

We belong to a local autism support group, which I've mentioned before. One of events that gets held every so often are Sensory Friendly Films, which is easiest explained as low lights but not "dark" and I guess not so loud.
Madagascar 3 was the film this weekend and we thought we'd give it a go.
I'll tell you, we DO go to the movies, but we spend a lot of time going SHHHHHHH SHHHHHHHH SHHHHHHH and taking one or the other twin OUT if necessary and that's at the cheapie theater.

We don't DO first run. Because oh hell if we paid $100 bucks between admission and snack and it was a nightmare, oh hell no.

But the MOVIE GRILL in Alpharetta sent a notice to our autism group that special needs kids and their siblings were free and adults $5 so HEY CHEAP MOVIE.

It's a bit of a drive over there, but it was actually a PERFECT set up for kids who need structure, sitting at tables facing directly forward - no aisle in front of you to tempt you to get up and run up and down.  We had cokes and popcorn and it was awesome. So THANK YOU MOVIE GRILL.

The kids were all variously loud, but they were also kids, they laughed when it was funny (CIRCUS AFRO CIRCUS AFRO) and were quiet sometimes too. Honestly, I didn't even NOTICE the noise of the other kids - maybe I'm numb to it these days.

I think I'm going to keep my eye on the Sensory Friendly films offering now, and if you have autistic kids you should check it out. It was probably the least stressful trip to the movies I've had in years.

Plus you know,