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Friday, June 15, 2012

So I Invited These Three Hot Studs Over

Ok they were actually all three pretty cute. I think the one smiling at the camera took the cake though, he was a total charmer.

So I was walking down the hall carrying a towel to shake out on the front porch (explanation, the twins sit on a bench on a towel and they get it crummy so I shake it out on the front porch) and while I was walking and talking to the husband THAT THING happened again.

Now I can't remember if I blogged it.

Ok well, what happened was, I was sitting at a stop light several weeks ago, months ago now, and I got this cracking/tingling sensation on the back of my skull followed by numbness. Think of the way your face feels after novocaine is administered. Now, put it at the base of your skull. Next have the world sway. I figured it out last night - it is the sensation of walking on a ship at sea. Not on a lake. AT SEA -where there is wave and serious power under those planks of wood beneath your feet.

Last night,walking down the hall this happened all at once. Luckily Scott was right behind me and I was able to lean in to him.

So we called 911.
They did a lot of tests and I stayed till 2am.

What I decided was this.

OMG I am fat that picture is horrendous even if I am having "an episode". Weight Watchers I might need you.

Hospital trips are annoying.

They didn't quite decide anything about me. They ran a shit load of tests, and the neurologist who popped by after I was getting ready to leave said my CT was textbook - they saw nothing abnormal at all. So I'm referred to a neurologist and he suggested an ENT because he thinks it might actually be vertigo. I thought vertigo was spinning but he described as it could feel like you are on a ship and I was like "THAT'S IT!"

My labs were good, slightly anemic, but everything was NORMAL.

Which is good except for the whole why is this happening part.

Which is annoying.