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Monday, August 16, 2010

There Was Art

We went to the local big fancy art museum yesterday, to get some culture. Specifically to see the Dali exhibit which we skipped because it's going on forever, in favor of a Euro Decorative Design exhibit.

Of course since this was a fancy temporary exhibit I couldn't take pictures in there. What I could take pictures of was a bunch of random stuff in other places in the museum. Which I did. But I have to confess, I really only took pictures of stuff that made me laugh for one reason or another.

Like this one

You can go ahead and consign me to hell. I'm not going into the details but I'm gonna say I SAW this one wrong. And that's all. My only thought was "OMG WHAT IS GOING ON HERE???"

So you know, I had to take a pic.

And who could resist this one?

That one just reminds me to go to the gym.

Here is the problem with the Euro Design exhibit we saw. They had my toaster. While I appreciate industrial design and functional design and the fact that the CHANGE of every day objects originates somewhere - usually when someone designs a NEW and radically different "concept" version of it.


they had my toaster.

In a museum.

It looks like this.

/FAIL Euro design.


Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

I went to MoMA in New York City last week and while some of the art was truly amazing, some of it was... crap.