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Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Return Of Mothra

Where we used to live there was once a giant moth by our door - we lovingly called it Mothra. Ok, we actually called it Mothra because the thing was scary as hell.

It looks nothing like this one - but equi-scary. Actually, this one might be scarier - as it was FURRY.


Outside of being under siege by Mothra, we went to Kennesaw to the train museum (Officialy the Rail and Civil War Museum) to see an exhibit and take a look at THE GENERAL.

The General was part of the GREAT TRAIN CHASE and it's always kinda fun to wander through the museum and see all the artifacts. The first time we were there, they had General Custer's Civil War uniform - and I didn't get a proper pic of it. So of course after that it was gone.

They were also having the Pigs and Peaches festival - for to eat both of them. We were ALL FOR THAT. However it started pouring rain.

But we still kinda had fun. I want to go back next year. Without the storm.


Dave Stone said...

Looks to me like a cecropia moth, which we had back in Indiana. And having read LOTS of kids books on the natural world, I can say with confidence that all moths are furry. It's just harder to see when they're not a freakin' foot across.