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Sunday, August 01, 2010

Baked Beans And Potato Chips

So I have a weird thing about baked beans. I don't eat them with utensils. I use potato chips like a spoon.
It's quite good. It's that fantastic combination of salty chips and brown sugar sweet beans that soothes the PMS beast.
But that isn't why I started eating them like that.
I actually started eating them like that because my parents had these friends who were jerks.
Ok they weren't terrible jerks,but the mom was kinda absent minded. And we'd cook out at their house,and time after time the kids wouldn't get utensils. Which was no big whup for the hot dogs or hamburgers and chips etc........but usually there would be baked beans.
And I LIKE baked beans.
So I'd to what any kid does, I'd improvise - and started using the chips to scoop up the beans and eat them.
I'm 41 and I really don't even WANT baked beans without chips these days. I had forgotten until recently why I eat them that way.
I should send them a thank you for denying me utensils. I discovered one of my favorite food treats because of it.
This blog post has no real point. But, I had baked beans with potato chips last night.
And it made me really happy.


Anonymous said...

I'm a huge fan of baked beans on potato chips and made some quick as a snack this night. I had several people convert to the wonderful dish they are upon trying them.