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Monday, August 02, 2010

The One Where I Am On A Team

So I've been going to a gym for a while. I haven't mentioned it because I'm trying not to be one of those OMG I JOINED A GYM AND NAO I AM A FITNESS FIEND people.
Except that, the people at the gym all are.

And they've got these teams.

OMG they are doing some contest for August. Each time you come in, each rep you do, however many minutes you do XZY.......plus today for bonus points..........SQUATS.

Are you shitting me?

And of course the're all "OH WE NEED YOU FOR OUR TEAM ON NIGHTS! PLEASE BE ON OUR TEAM!" I didn't even ask what we win. I mean a team indicates winning.

I'd like to win some candy or deep fried foods personally. I think I deserve it for those squats those witches guilted me into today.


Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

A gym TEAM? What the hell?

Whimsy Winx Dammit said...

very sad that when I saw "xyz" I got the image of the bounding box in edit, around your body pushing inwards and outwards.

Good for you! Teams sound like a good plan to keep people motivated, and not feeling so lost and abandoned at the gym. You have people nao! Congrats on you and your team and I hope you win something full of awesome or less full with amazing abs or um yeah congrat fail, say what?