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Sunday, August 15, 2010


We just played it. It's Called WHO POOPED IN THE TUB!!!!

If we'd had typical children all around, we might be done playing that, at least until the baby gets bigger. However with two autistic children - every once in a while we get a crazy surprise.

Like today.

I shoulda known something was going wrong - when one of them kept shrieking like he was getting stuck with a knife. However, that particular child screams and makes noise of some sort ALMOST all the time. It wasn't until he looked DOWN that I followed his eyes and found the brown gift at the bottom of the tub.

At least I win the game. I KNOW WHO IT WAS!!!!

It was this guy.........

At least he never did it in the pool.

One awesome thing from this weekend............we went HERE and got Pralines!

Pralines make living in the South worth it.

So what's new with you? I've gotta run, got toys to rinse the poison poop germs off of.....


Rebecca said...

OMG - I know this game! My oldest did this when she was little and I totally freaked out because she picked it up and bit it! I called my mom panic stricken, tell her she ate poop from the tub and ask, "Do I call the Poison Control Center?!?!? What! What do I do?"
She is controlling her laughter and says calmly it's okay and asks, “how do you know she ate it?”
"It's in her teeth!", I say hysterically.
Now she is laughing and tells me what to do and calms me down. Good thing for mom's they are the Poop-Poison-Crisis-Control Experts!
But alas, several years later, all three of my angels are 12 years and older...and a mysterious poop (large poop log I may add) is in the bottom of the tub with the water drained out. At this time we are beyond the bubble baths and all three are taking showers. I was lost for words when I saw it – it had been years since I dealt with poop, no less, on this scale and I was like what the hell!?!?! Who did this?? We figured out who it was, and one child actually showered with it in there before saying it was there, but to this day no one will admit they poo-ed in the shower and left it for the Poop-Poison-Crisis Control Expert (Me) to dispose of. Yes we play this game at our house too!! Fun times! **Note: they say my children are “typical”, hmmmmm. What is typical exactly?