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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Divide and Conquer

It's no big secret that the twins are very different. As are, oh, about 99.9999% of all twins on the planet. It's a great secret, but despite being the same in the way that siblings are, most people seem to think that all twins - even fraternals, are "the same".

At our house, it's not only a difference in their physical appearance but a difference in their autism.

While one boy can and does speak ALL THE TIME, although generally not TO you, the other struggles to make words and be understood. They are very very different and their challenges are so different it's hard to believe they have the same thing.

But you see the older of the two of them, the one who popped through 20 minutes earlier, working his way into language faster. Yesterday when I came home from work, he ran to me and said "I want hug."

Not the first time he ever said that, but one of the first he ever tossed it out as a greeting.

Today though, after I washed his hands and gave him a peck on the cheek he pulled me close and said "I luff you". And my eyes flew open wide, and hugged him hard and repeated "I love YOU!"

And he giggled, hugged and kissed me and said it again.

That was the first time in six years my son ever said that to me.

They are evaluating him to move him from a severe autism class to a moderate one. Because of his language progress. I had trepidation. I didn't want them separated. I felt like the little boy (who is actually the bigger boy now) would suffer without him.

But in the past two days...I'm seeing him pushing forward.

So we'll keep moving forward. And maybe someday both of my baby boys will talk to me like their older brother does.

It's a dream of mine.


Frank said...

It's one of my only true dreams

Lisse said...

I don't comment here very much, but I just want to say "Awesome."

It's a great milestone, and an especially sweet one.