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Monday, June 28, 2010

Parenting /WIN

I'm watching this show on Nickelodeon with the oldest boy. The show is called BIG TIME RUSH and if you haven't seen it, it's a boy band show. It has random,not funny jokes and too beautiful people and the guys can sing but they'll never be stars because they are on a crappy show.

I see this show like every day. And it's not funny like iCarly which YEAH I DO THINK IS FUNNY and will watch by myself. There I said it.

Anyway, BIG TIME RUSH is just maybe awright on a good day. However, yesterday, the episode had one character getting "Hollywood Fever" and spray tanning himself into an icky orange tan mess. The entire show centered on getting him back to "normal"...with a lot of predictable gags and jokes and bad writing.

About halfway through the show, my boy pauses it and says,"I don't understand why this matters."

I answered that the recording company didn't want him to look like that, that he looked crazy and wouldn't be popular with fans/girls etc.

And that was when I got my parenting WIN of the day. He says,"But his friends are being really mean to him. He's the same person. It doesn't matter what someone looks like. If they are a nice person, or are a good singer, they're still the same person. I think his friends are being jerks. It doesn't make sense."

Man. I think we did something right.


Laura said...

I think Spencer is hilarious on iCarly. Yes, I will admit to watching it as well.

Frank said...

He's a good boy but that picture sucks it.