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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

For When a Regular Cupcake Just Won't Do

So since all of my gifts for Mother's Day come from the AS SEEN ON TV Store, I think it's only fitting that HIS Father's Day Treats be made with the same.

Such as.........THE BIG TOP CUP CAKE!

After all, why be bother with those PESKY CUP SIZED CUPCAKES when you can make one as BIG AS YOUR HEAD!?!?!?!!?

That's a lot more convenient, I think everyone will agree.

I am making a Boston Cream Pie Cupcake. That's right. It's a pie-cupcake. I'm American. We make things up, what do you want from me?

Yes I used canned icing because I was too lazy to make a ganache. Leave me alone. I'll make a ganache another time I swear.

Here it is.......THE BIG TOP CUPCAKE BOSTON CREAM PIE! Or is it the BOSTON CREAM PIE BIG TOP CUPCAKE? I have no idea. But I bet it's gonna be good.......


Frank said...

Thanks, Bunny-it was great! But I do want to point out that only the kids buy stuff from the As Seen on TV store. They don't sell your perfume there.

Laura said...

Right on! Why make measly regular cupcakes when only a giant-assed cupcake will do? They need to make a giant perfect brownie maker next. That regular-sized one works great, so imagine how great the mega-perfect brownie maker would be!