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Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Cancer In The State of California

I swear the state of California is wearing me out. I'm liberal. But the ridiculous warnings and crap we get on products because THAT state decides it causes cancer is starting to be too much to stand.
Our steering wheel cover actually says "May cause cancer in the state of California."

Well I live in Georgia so PHEW. I'm safe.

See here is the deal. Chemicals are bad for you. They probably cause cancer in some people, and not in others - based on the way things look. (Otherwise we'd ALL GET CANCER RIGHT?). But California, I don't go OH NO I CAN'T BUY THAT PRODUCT when I see these ridiculous warnings on products.

I laugh at your ridiculousness and buy it anyway. I think that sometimes I buy it specifically FOR the good times of owning the warning sticker.

And, I know better than to take the product into California. Cuz, youknow, I don't want cancer.


American in Bath said...

I love that warning. I simply can't convince people in the UK that it exists.