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Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Jelly Blogrant

I don't understand liking jelly.

I'm serious. I mean, I GET liking the taste of it - which is an improvement because as a kid I wouldn't even eat it. It just seemed, sticky and gross. I've gotten over that, and I agree it's tasty but my issue with it is this.

It destroys bread.

Bread which has been toasted. Unless you are getting rock hard restaurant toast, bread just disintegrates under jelly. Ok that's an over statement. But it tears up the bread a bit. Rather unpleasantly.

It annoys me. I completely accept that I've got issues, and how something looks plays a huge part in HOW and WHETHER I will eat it. And I just don't quite understand eating something that has been partially destroyed in an effort to spread cold jelly on it.

And why DO we keep the jelly in the fridge? I don't really know. I should ask the husband,as I'm more than partially jelly-ignorant. Restaurants keep jelly on the table but it's in different packaging so perhaps this is why.

I was so frustrated yesterday, I swear I glopped out two lumps of jelly onto the toast and told the seven year old GOOD LUCK as I handed him his toast. Of course, he thought that was a riot, and some how conjured magic and spread it around.

Jelly. You VEX ME. VEX I SAY.

*Photo Courtesy of THEMAYFLY.COM


Anonymous said...

jam is far superior to jelly.

Carolyn K.

Laura said...

I'm a preserves gal myself. It does gum up the bread, though.