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Monday, June 14, 2010

Back To Work

So tomorrow I head back to work.

I am glad, because it'll give me an excuse to shower every day, so that'll be a win. Plus I think my brain is jellying here at home, so it'll be good to stop that process as well.

But I've spent a lot of today babying the baby. Because as of tomorrow, I'll miss the firsts.

You see I saw the first real smile and heard the first real laugh. I rocked her through her first episodes of gas and gave her the first bath.

But I'll miss the first sitting up, the first step, the first word. I will miss those things. Because I won't be here.

The up side is that her Daddy won't miss them, he'll be here with her to see them all and someone who loves her will take it all in. Heck her big brother, who is her biggest fan,will even seem some of them this summer.

I have to share her now.

I am not good at sharing my things. I was an only child too long.

But when the sun comes up tomorrow then the wheel spins and everything changes.

We'll see how I do.


American in Bath said...

I hope today went well for you. I hope she saves her firsts for evenings when you can all be there.

Frank said...

We miss you.