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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Hospital is Losing It's Mystery To Me

Mid-day yesterday I was feeling rather bad. I was hot and flushed and just........NOT GOOD, I'm sure that's the medical term. I went to the bathroom and to my horror there was blood on the toilet paper. Kind of quite a lot, in my estimation.
So I quickly put myself together, alerted my asst mgr that I was gonna call the OB but I was definitely LEAVING and went into my office.
I talked to the nurse and told her no,I wasn't contracting but I was bleeding and she said she'd get with him and call me right back.

What sort of annoying crap is that? Shortly she called me back and told me to lie down at home for the rest of the day and call if I started cramping or if I bled more-at which point I said "Funneh you mention that......I've started having contractions."

And it was off to the hospital!

While I was there the bleeding stopped and was determined to be of indeterminate origin. NOTHING wrong with the placenta, might've been the "bloody show" however my cervix has made ZERO progress so that's a "MAYBE" at best. Usually you get a small amount of dilation and effacing with bloody show - that's how it gets released. So......they dunno why I had bleeding. But everything is ok.

They loaded me up with fluids and the contractions slacked away to such an extent that I actually sort of forgot about them, enjoying Law and Order like I was. I had just started into an episode of BONES when they came in to check the monitor's placement and then came back and interrupted AGAIN to tell me my contractions had stopped and they were calling the doc.

Of course they came in and talked BOTH TIMES that I needed to HEAR what was going on. All I know if that there was a Chinese girl found dead and she had no bones. NUTTY!

It was a matter of minutes before they came in to tell me I could go home, the show was stopped for today.

We're still on for THURSDAY for the Version to turn her.