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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Hospital Practice Run

So I'm at that joyous part of this high risk pregnancy where I have to go to the OB twice a week. Yesterday it was for a nonstress test, where they put a belt on your tummy and measure if you are having contractions and the baby's heartbeat. Which was all dandy except, they couldn't get her heartbeat.
Before you panic, it's not that they couldn't get it - it's that she wouldn't stay still and they couldn't KEEP it going. They have to get X amount of time of continuous heartbeat for it to be all good. And their machine couldn't make it happen. So since my OB was in the middle of 4 patients in labor and they were short a sonographer to do an ultrasound - they said "hey we're gonna have you go over to the labor and delivery unit for this test, we just can't do it here."
I went over to the labor and delivery unit, expecting to be taken into some place to do the testing and sent on my way.
They walked me into labor and delivery, checked me IN and hooked me up to every machine EXCEPT IV.
So, I still thought I'd be going home soon - except - I started having contractions. I was thinking "Man, that kind of hurts, I wonder if that is a contraction?" and looked over at the contraction meter and saw it climbing over 50 - where before it had been around 9. I'm thinking Hmmm that sucks when my NURSE comes through the door and say "Ok so you're having some contractions how are you doing?"........and she brings a questionaire about pain management in with her.
I was getting worried.
You also know that something is "off" when they keep coming in to move you around. They don't like something on the monitors - and they come shove pillows under you to adjust your heart and the baby etc.....
I went to ultrasound twice, once they weren't ready and I went BACK to my room and got all hooked up to monitors, watched two episodes of Law and Order.......and then went BACK where I learned that despite my OBs prediction of an average sized baby she is now measureing "bigger than she is" as the ultrasound lady put it.
We're 35 weeks today - and yesterday she was measuring at 37. Not my tummy measurement - HER measurements. So she's gonna be big.
Oh, and joy of joys - she's still breech.
So after snacking on ice chips for hours and seeing tons of Law and Order plus two episodes of BONES my doctor came back to the hospital about 8pm to deliver MORE babies and they released me.
Now I know the drill at this place, plus, I learned that the hospital where I'm going to deliver is fancy shmancy. I couldn't get over it.
I mean MAN is it nice.
So........back to work and life. No baby yesterday or likely today THANK GOD.

But, I admit, I was a little worried.