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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

It's a Version Not Aversion

I had the first of my twice weekly OB appts this week and had the big sit down with my doc about the BABY SITUATION.

She's breech. And seems to have no interest in turning herself about. She's been in this same position now for weeks in fact, with her head resting comfortably against my placenta and floating just as high as she possibly can.

It's fairly uncomfortable.

So we talked about what to do about little missy and his options were to schedule a VERSION or schedule a c-section. I said HEY let's do that Version thing!

What, you might ask, is a version?

No that is NOT me.

But basically they hook you up to some sort of meds that relax all your muscles so that "hopefully" your uterus doesn't contract and then using his hands on the outside, the doctor gives the baby a bunch of shoves around until she's head down. IF it works.

My OB says that he has about an 80% success rate getting that baby turned. The problem is that this procedure can induce labor. It can cause other complications that lead to you staying in the hospital to deliver OR you have to have an emergency c-section.

So his advice was to come packed and ready to stay. Just in case.

I also told him that the idea of a c-section is giving me the screaming mimis and he was glad I told him. He apparently had a patient have a freak out last week - and she hadn't shared with him that her deep motivation for NOT wanting the C was FEAR. I told him OH HELL I'm totally fear driven. I let him know I'll be the hysterical person on the other side of the sheet. So he's going to give me something to mellow me out a bit,and then once the cord is cut it's off to la-la land I go.


Seriously, he told me that it takes about five minutes to get the baby out, and 45-60 to "put me back together". OMG. Part of me DIED hearing those words. DEAR GOD.

So wish us luck. On Thursday April 1 at 8:30 AM we might have a baby, or we might just have a baby that is turned the right way finally. One more bounce on Mr Toads Wild Ride.