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Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Baby Countdown Gets Real

So I went for my 33 week check up with my regular OB - and when I got there, for some unknown reason, they thought they needed to re-do my 4D ultrasound.

Now don't get me wrong - the first two rounds weren't spectacular - especially for what they cost. But - you can't really DO much when you baby won't get her face out from behind the placenta for any length of time. So I was ok with what we got.
But what - you want to try again? OKAY!
At first it seemed like we were gonna be thwarted again, as Miss Julia is addicted to rubbing her head, and doesn't move that arm out of the way for anything much.

But then she moved a bit......and those little fat cheeks and face started to show up.

And then she opened her eyes..........and I fell in love all over again. There is this great line from one of our favorite shows we used to watch, COUPLING from the BBC. When Steve and Susan have their baby.....Steve says in narration......

"And then he opened his eyes......and I became a whole other person."

That's about right.


Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

Sounds right to me.

I hope I get to meet her when I am in Georgia.

Lily Karlsbar said...

She is beautiful.....and I never say that about a newborn/going to be born

Laura said...

She looks like she's saying, "Hey! I'm squished in here. Get me out!"

amanda said...