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Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Auf Wiedersehen Black Trousers

And so it begins.
I was getting dressed innocently enough this morning. Underwear, bra, knee highs, t-shirt and then I pull on my pants.
My pants don't fit.
Now it's not like this event is COMPLETELY unexpected. I know the baby grows and I'll have to get maternity pants but it's like - OVERNIGHT my pants don't fit.
What is she DOING in there?
Luckily I have a couple of pair of pleated pants that are pretty loose in regular, non-preggo times and I slipped a pair of those on before running out the door.
But I'm floored - I have another pair just like the ones I put on this morning and I know they fit like three days ago.
The big belly cometh.
I can hardly wait.


April Brandon said...

Matt SWEARS that my belly popped out overnight with both girls...and then I was pregnant for YEARS with them. LOL!!!

Frank said...

I can't wait for that bigger ass. Already one of her best features.