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Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Redemption of November 13th

Last November 13th, I thought I was going to give my mother the BEST birthday present (it's her birthday).
I was going to call her, after my trip to the OBGYN, to tell her I was pregnant.
I had an appt for a 8 week ultrasound and despite the massive amount of hormones I was on due to some earlier bleeding - I was looking forward to giving her a call.

Until I had my appointment.

That was when they told me it wasn't a baby, hadn't ever been one - and that it was time to let it go on it's way. Except that it just led to almost two weeks of one of the worst physical nightmares I've ever had.

Instead of calling my mom to tell her happy news, I called her and cried. And she cried too and it was a fairly miserable present to give her.

So this year, I was scheduled for a visit to the high risk OB - on November 13.

I got a little paranoid right before it - as you might've noticed from an earlier post. I just kept thinking,"This is too normal. This is TOO ok. Something is wrong."

When they started the ultrsound.....I held my breath.

Until she moved.

She is beautiful. And by the little glimpse she gave us of the goodies - she is in fact a she. We'll super double check that in 30 days or so. If she is, in fact, a she - she will be Julia Suzanne. Named after the Beatles Song Julia - and my mother's best friend Susan who is far more family to me than most of the people I'm related to.

Not familiar with the song? Well you should be. I'm going to be singing it a lot from now on.


Dave said...

Won't she feel left out to not be named Ella or Billie or Etta?

Heather said...

Awww! My little Julia was almost Julia Suzanne. Thanks for sharing your happy news... :)

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

I love that name.

Frank said...

If we had twins, it would have been Etta and Ella. Billie Holiday was the best female jazz singer ever. She also had the worst name. different genitalia, different criteria for picking names. All future hermaphrodite children will be named after wives of Jerry Lee Lewis.