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Saturday, November 07, 2009

This Video Wrecked Me

Apparently people with autism are somewhat offended - however, as a parent of austistic boys - I understand the words - written by the parents of autistic children.
It is a nightmare.


Frank said...

Only a moron would be offended by that. Autism sucks. They need to stop being candy asses and try to help their children. Last time I checked, two of our kids are autistic and being angered by the real words displayed here would not help them one bit. Things like this help other people understand.

Anonymous said...

It is with heartfelt wonder, respect and awe that I witness the unwavering love of my friends who never asked to be parents of autistic kids. They are parents who love their children, some of whom happen to be autistic.

It's sad that some would find this video offensive. Harsh, revealing, painful, yes it is. But it is also a powerful reminder of those people who love us no matter what.

I, too, was wrecked by this video, and yet, I do not have children with autism. I am part of the village that will not turn away from them.

When it's too much, call. You know where I am. I will help remind you how very strong you are, how much you inspire me and how the world is a better place with you in it for your children and for the rest of us.

- much love

EKG said...

I can see how if they didn't listen to the whole thing, and didn't understand that it is the autism speaking as a bad entity it could be offensive.

It's easy in the first few sentences to think that this is the parent talking about their child, which it is not.

You can use the same words to talk about cancer or AIDS etc. It's all about listening. The last part of the message is the important one.

Autism sucks, cancer sucks, depression sucks, etc. No one should be offended by this video at all.