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Monday, November 02, 2009


I have to confess that I bought another blue pumpkin because Martha Stewart made me. She's guilted me like three years in a row now, with their chic and unusual color but by god - NEXT YEAR I am going to just buy one for decoration because they are a MOFO to clean. DENSE as crap and thick as hell with meat - they are impossible to carve.

Due to a vicious round of rotovirus or norovirus or whatever it is that SHUT DOWN my kids school on Friday - we were all busy barfing, or laying on the bathroom floor, or pooping, or barfing and pooping, so we didn't get to carving all the rest of our pumpkins. Thus - PAINTING PARTY!

The littlest boy was still recovering from being sickee poo, and fell asleep on the sofa. But the big boy and the middle boy were ready to paint!

With some help from Daddy with the littlest boy's pumpkin - we were ready for Halloween!
Of course our neighborhood is full of old fogeys who don't turn their lights on or give out candy so we went to a nearby neighborhood to give them a scare!

That's right, a banana, hot dog and a Clone Trooper (Captain REX to be exact) are on the loose. NOW GIVE US SOME CANDY!

You don't think we're scary? OH REALLY? How about NOW........

STILL NOT SCARY? Oh well.......I've got your scary coming then.......hold on.....

Yeah, I thought that would get you.

Silly holidays like Halloween are some of the best parts of being a Mom. Even the twins got it this year and were excited as we went around getting treats.

Next year - NO ROTOVIRUS!


Tenshi said...

*dies @ 'cannibal'*