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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Making the Pie of Our Homeland

I've always been envious of people with deep seeded ethnicity who would pull out their centuries old recipe for this or that at holidays. You know, that recipe for lutkefisk that Tante Anna hid in her shoe on her way to the new world. Or that special cake with super secret ingredients that can't be discerned and no one in your family will divulge because it's been in your family for 200 years?
Being Hoosier........we're rather......well.
Plain. We don't like a lot of wild or fancy things and we're all mostly German Irish but somehow washed most of that out of ourselves except during Oktoberfest when of course we're all German even the Irish.
So you can imagine my joy when I realized that we did indeed have something PURELY HOOSIER that I could make for Thanksgiving. My favorite pie in the world, that I have sought in every grocery store at every holiday since we moved away from Indiana in 1999.

It's roots are Amish and/or Shaker (we've had both in the Hoosier state) and folks.....it is now the STATE PIE. HAHAHA. Cuz you NEED A STATE PIE.

So, the husband picked up the ingredients and I lassoed the boy into assistance - he might've been born in Kentucky but his DNA is 100% Hoosier.

It's ridiculously simple to make, and now after reading about it I realize it's the pie you make when you only have a few things around on the farm and WANT a pie.

Waddya know, we've GOT A TRADITION!

We choose the first recipe from a list we found - from someone whose Grandmother's recipe it was, as it said her grandmother was Quaker and that rhymes with Shaker so I figure we'd go for it. If it's not exactly the way we want it, we'll go to the next one on the list.

The bits that bubbled over while it baked tasted delicious by the way.

While it baked, the big boy did another one of our traditions that is a new one - started by his teacher last year, he made place mats for the Holiday. He actually had one at school to bring home but he had to leave school early because of my amnio appt and didn't get to bring it home. But he's such a cheery boy, he didn't care and excited made new ones.

We're ready for Thanksgiving with our Hoosier Pie and our home made place mats! Now- BRING ON THE TURKEY!