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Friday, November 06, 2009

Happy Birthday to My Hunny

The true measure of a man, I think, is what sort of a Father he is. Does he let you help cook when you are little, so that you feel included?

Does he take you to places that are wonderful and magical - when you are about 6?

My children are so lucky. Their father wants them to have the happiest childhood possible, and on a daily basis tries to fill their hours with memories to carry through out their lives. He isn't a father who's absentee all week and then gives them tacit attention on the weekends. He's 100% plugged in all the time.

And I'm lucky, because I chose a man who isn't afraid to make being a Dad a real job. Because of him, we have two autistic twins that we can take everywhere - which never ceases to amaze educators and doctors. They know how to act, and they are well loved.

We have a seven year old who is extraordinary and kind beyond reason some days. Because of the words and lessons he heard from his father every day.

Being a parent isn't easy. Being a parent of special needs children is downright torturous some days. His heart, and his unwillingness to ever give up make him one of the greatest heroes I've ever met.

Today is his birthday. He's 41 and I only wish I had met him sooner - because I am jealous of all the days that came before we met. Since I cannot have those days, my only wish will have to be this - if he lives to be one hundred, I hope I live be be one hundred minus one day.

So that I never have to live one day without him.

I love you Hunny.


Frank said...

I love you too, Bunny. Thank you.

Frank said...

Love the old pictures with our long-haired, hippy kids. For those of you uninformed, that hair was grown to be donated to charity. So, pfffffffffttttttttttttttt!!!!!!

Teagan Blackthorne said...

You have wonderful blog. Great story. Happy belated birthday to the supportive hubby.