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Sunday, November 30, 2008

There Are Time When I Want To Kill Martha Stewart

Tonight, was not one of them.

I've resolved to be a better Mom this year about making those special holiday treats, and so one rainy cold freaking afternoon while I was laid up, Lil Satchmo and I went through the December Martha Stewart magazine picking out which fantastic treats we wanted to make this year.

I chose to make the Penuche Fudge first, mostly because the ingredients were wildly simple - brown sugar, butter, confectioners sugar, vanilla and evaporated milk. I wavered a little - because fudge recipes usually call for ye old Eagle Brand sweetened condensed milk.........but I figured that since Martha didn't ask me to climb a mountain and milk a yak ......that I should use the one she said.

It was amazingly easy to make. And overwhelmingly sweet and delicious to eat.

But you know what else?

Penuche my ass.

I know PRALINE when I taste it. I'm dropping some fine Georgia pecans in it next time.....because this, ladies and gentlemen, was PRALINE candy. Right down to the consistency.

Delicious. But clearly some fancy name for pralines that don't have the pecans in it......

Tomato, Tomahto........It's delicious.

Totally recommend checking it out - in this month's Martha Stewart Living - amazingly easy.
Thanks Martha- that was a FIRST you whack job.