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Saturday, November 08, 2008

The One Where I Get All The Ailments I Ever Mocked

Seriously, Carpal Tunnel is one of the most bullshit conditions. Everyone I ever met who had it was a scammer - someone trying to rack up workers comp time, screw around not working etc. And they were people who were scammers in OTHER aspects of their lives, so it was always normal that I'd find their sudden inability to work yet still get paid suspect.
Case in point - the girl who was not allowed to do any motion which brought her thumb and forefinger together.
This rules out pick up paper, filing, holding a pen........I mean, WHAT the hell are you supposed to do for 8 hours in this condition? Funny, she'd sit and write letters until we caught her each time and made her put the pen down.
So after almost two decades in the call center biz where I manage those prone to this repetitive motion condition - GUESS WHAT?

Yeah , I've got it.

I took my brace off to write this although my wrist is howling a bit.

It's annoying - it first started happening in small doses a couple of years ago and with the configuration of my new office (twasn't ergonomic - now IS) my wrists just went bonko.

Once again, I'm visited with a condition I previously thought was stupid.

Now Cancer.......CANCER Is BRILLIANT. (see my strategy?)