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Monday, November 24, 2008

Surgery It Is!

Ok who's bored with the miscarriage? I know I am.

I'm also worried, nervous, bleeding like crazy, over emotional, in pain, exhausted, a little irrational......uncomfortable.....let's see what else......throw in SMELLY, generally unhappy.

Since November 13 I've been seeking conclusion and looks like tomorrow I'm finally surrendering to the fact that mother nature will NOT just take care of this for me. I spent most of the day yesterday laying down, and basically all day today. When I got up to eat (a delicious late breakfast made by my Hunny)......it was all back on again.

I'll spare you the details, as sometimes guys read this, but let's just say - this isn't going away.The baby cells, and placenta cells are all gone, according to the ultrasound. But my body just isn't capable of healing itself this time. So I called my doctor, then I called my boss (who by the way seemed to know that I wouldn't be in and this wasn't going well....thank god)......

And then I told the husband that I have to be at pre-op tomorrow morning at 10:30 am. So, off we go tomorrow hopefully to drive an end to this process. They're gonna do a D & C and whatever else they gotta do while they are in there to stop the bleeding and clean out the mess. Good times, eh?

Now I'm trying to decide if I should shave my legs and paint my toes. I don't know why...I just seems like I should.


I'm just so tired. Of the pain, of being tired, of the bleeding.

I need this all to stop. I want to be myself again.


Michele said...

Shave the legs (better yet, let hunny save them) and skip the toes! I will say a prayer that all goes well and know that I'm thinking of you! I have been somewhat in your situation but I had the D&C. Love ya!

Harper Ganesvoort said...

You have my prayers, and fervent hopes for a speedy recovery. I hadn't heard about this until just tonight/this morning, which I hope doesn't show what kind of friend I am. Speedy recovery to you, while I go off to Epiphany Island and light a candle.