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Saturday, November 15, 2008


Okay, so I'm reading this book. And I'm trying to dig it. My kids have finally gotten out of the phase where they resent me reading so I can do a bit of it again......but I'm so out of the loop - that I dunno what I ever want to read.
Which is what lead me to my latest book. It just looked sort of funny to me, light, meaningless drivel but it was aimed to the 40 something crowd. Sort of a "we can be cool too" theme.....and having turned the corner.....well.....I picked it up.


First of all I never cease to be amazed at HOW some people get published. Second of all, well....I hardly know how to express my disdain.......seriously I'm only about 10 pages in and I've had Jimmy Choos, Miu Miu, Prada and someone else tossed about at me like I'm a slag for not wearing all of them.

It is the literary equivalent of Vogue. (yeah I'm slamming Vogue for it's lack of literary quality who cares?)

But, reading the words in this book feels the same as looking at pictures in VOGUE. It's that same "you are not this cool but if you acquired X you WOULD be" sort of feeling. I don't know any 40 year olds like this - and frankly I've known some really successful people in my life.

This isn't real. I don't mind a little escapism (HELL A LOT OF ESCAPISM)but you can't dress up the girls from Sex in the City on a book cover as being "those funny girls next door". They aren't. And when you present fashion, plastic surgery and drop hip NYC references in lieu of actual plot development.......well.......

I'm not impressed. I'm bored.

Frankly I'd rather read some of that new crap Anne Rice has been churning out and I think we can all agree that she's been writing absolute shite for about 10 years.

Drivel, in it's literary form, should be fun. It should be Jackie Collins - all sex and booze, or Anne Rice's newer stuff - all Vampires and forlorn creatures of the night. There should be something interesting and mindless but a giggle.

I'd give you the name, but well, I don't even want you to go looking for this book out of curiosity. It's that bad.

And all I can think, after reading many of these pages and having this book try to impose it's superiority on me.......is that while I don't know any 40 year olds like this.......man I know some REALLY interesting ones. I know people with fascinating jobs, fascinating hobbies......personalities.....people who are brilliant, people who are creative........

While we might not be NYC cool for not owning a pair of Jimmy Choos.......all I can say is that Pink is right.


That anthem works for lots of situations.

OH - and if you are interested, the WORST book ever written is called HOUSE OF LEAVES . Try to read it. I dare you.
It is the only book, in the history of the world, that I purposefully did not finish. I'll even finish the crap I'm reading right now. But House of Leaves? NEVER.


Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

I quit reading (on purpose):

On the Road
Fear of Flying

I should have quit reading:

The Source
The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon
We Were the Mulvaneys

Heather said...

depending one what you enjoy here is a list of some of my favs

Kim Harrison
Janet Evanovich
Sherilyn Kenyon

I would say for today those are my top 3 now that may be subject to change tommorow or next week but I do ALWAYS buy their books as soon as they come out.