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Sunday, November 02, 2008

How Does Halloween Look at Your House

It was a big Halloween weekend around here. We didn't do nearly the number of snacks and treats PRE-Halloween because Mom's been a sickee-poo. But we did have the traditional pumpking carving and painting.

I had to do the pumpkin killing as always.

This one is Lil Satchmo's. We told him that if he wanted a jack o'lantern he had to gut it himself after I opened it up. Apparently this was just "too gross" so Mom and Dad did it for him.

Everybody had fun pumpkins, one for everyone in the family.

We had to spread the carving over two nights as I had really big pumpkins to cut up and there is only so much pumpkin killing I can stomach in one evening.

So the two clowns and the Power Ranger were very happy on Halloween - raking in tons of candy and goodies and being extremely cute in the process.

And all was right with the world!