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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Pffffffffffffft To the Birthday Show

You know it's hard to talk smack about PBS Sprout because outside of SAGWA the most annoying show on the planet (SAGWA YOU'RE MY BEST FRIEND! - I'll call you and sing into your answering machine to PROVE it people) it's pretty great little channel for the little people.

However, the have this thing called THE BIRTHDAY SHOW. And I'm a little bit pissed off because yesterday blogger was acting up but I HAD the link to prove what twits they are - it still said the times of day indicating that the birthday show would air during the GOOD NIGHT SHOW. Personally, the idea of making a birthday card and mailing it in for some dude on TV was neither here nor there to me. But to a four year old I knew TWO MONTHS AGO it was the best idea ever. Can we please, it was asked, make a birthday card to send in to the GOODNIGHT SHOW? We explained that there was a very good chance our card would not be shown etc etc etc but still, the little guy really wanted to do it, even if just for fun.

So art supplies were bought, a card was made, a card was mailed TWO MONTHS EARLY and then, when DDAY arrived the website was checked AGAIN (I cannot BELIEVE those mofos updated the site therefore disallowing my PROVING that we are not retarded) and the DVR was set.

We came home from the great birthday festivities.

No Birthday Show.

Seems the Birthday show is now only on the Sunny Side Up show. And possibly it always WAS but the web page SAID Good Night show.

So anyway.

We made this card.

Here it is.

PBS Sprout. You guys can suck it.

UPDATE by Frank:
They have now added all recent cards to their site. Go to birthdays, select September 29th - Lou's card is in the second row! Yeah! They suddenly suck a whole lot less.


Anonymous said...

Pingu is the one that makes me want to throw a shoe through the TV. (For an even deeper plunge into the surreal, google "Pingu Rap" and enjoy the story of Pingu as performed by none other than the irrepressible David Hasselhoff.)

Anonymous said...

And that would have been a GREAT card for the Birthday Show. I hope it didn't ruin the whole day for Louis.

Anonymous said...

I DREW that fucking Zaboo on the front. It took forever. Fuckers.