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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

10 Years On

Ten years ago today my best friend talked me into going out with her and her THEN boyfriend (now husband) to BW3 in Broad Ripple.
I really really really really did not want to go. I was bummed. I had no boyfriend. I hadn't dated in like a year. And going along with them on their DATE sounded like about the worst fucking idea I had ever heard.
However, I also did not want to sit around the house doing nothing.
So I went

And that night, I met a boy.

You know him.

I sleep next to him every night. We touch feet as we drift off every night, a final caress to let the other one know we are there. We argue. We snuggle. We have children and we'd like to have another. Because we can't imagine our house without a baby in it, and maybe because having children has made us so happy.

All because one night, I talked to a boy in a bar.

So today I'd like to thank Laura and John. They drug me out of the house in Beech Grove one night.

And into my new life.


Anonymous said...

And thanks to Terry, wherever you are, for making me ask a girl, "have you ever dated a cook?".

Anonymous said...

Almost forgot; I love you Bunny! I've lived the best 10 years anyone ever has.

Anonymous said...

Congrats you two! Happy to be part of the story. I remember Gidge coming home with us in a completely giddy-happy mood after meeting her sweetie-pie.