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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Apology in Advance for the Forthcoming Rant.......

Cuz I DO want to get off on a rant here.
Okay, I don't blog about issues or causes or that which is righteous and just or any other shit which is going to inspire dialogue or comments from the intelligentsia of the blogosphere.
Because mostly, I just don't care. I don't care to engage in meaningful discussions in counterpoint. But, Gourmet magazine made my head explode and I just can't let it go.
That's right, my yuppie sensibilities have been enraged by Gourmet magazine.

In the restaurant Issue October 07, there is this trendy little article about this lovely recherche Barbecue Joint in Kabul. Yeah, you heard me. Kabul. Because there is nothing I associate more with chic dining that Kabul. I'm serious, at one point this article says, as though it's sharing a cool secret, that you have to signal the men at the gate with machine guns to get inside.

Yeah. That's right.

So after I give the secret hand signal and am driving inside the gates of this secret swank destination I am then treated to the insights of the international trendsetters who are feasting on BBQ pork ribs in this exotic land.

Pork, in a Muslim country.

In a Muslim EXTREMIST country.

Now, um, call me square and unenlightened. Call me unworldly and oh so uninformed. But it just seems to me, that the best possible way to poke the bear of extremism in a theocracy is to write a hip little piece about something that offends their entire religion. And it offends me a bit. It makes light of a religion I don't embrace, but I have the sensibility not to mock. Maybe, just maybe it makes sense not to mock any religion. Don't put porno stores next to baptist churches. Don't put beef slaughterhouses near Hindu temples. Simple stuff like that. Respect people's beliefs.

I would suspect, that when extremists barge into this place and cut off all the patron's heads with spoons we'll all be shocked.

And yeah - thanks, I just said recherche.


Anonymous said...

They serve booze, too.