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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Let the Halloween Festivities Begin!

We fully embrace our inner child every year in October and this year is no exception. We trekked up to Burts Farm in the GA Mountains for a family day out at the Pumpkin patch. Breathing fresh air - letting everyone choose a pumpkin.........seriously man, it's like a 1950s wholesome family day out.
We did the HAYRIDE: and then we roamed the pumpkin patch to find the perfect family pumpkin. I think you'll agree that we found it.
But Martha Stewart has been preaching the gospel of pumpkins of OTHER colors besides orange. So after we obtained the FAMILY pumpkin (yeah had to drag that mofo upstairs via the STROLLER it weighs like 80 pounds). We set out to find our individual pumpkins. Baby Bird Man and Baby Birth of Cool didn't care about Martha, they went for orange.
But Lil Satchmo embraced Martha's edicts and chose something different!

Mommy and Daddy chose a blue and a red pumpkin. Martha would be proud of us, I think. Now if she would just send someone over to carve them all fancy.

The other part of Halloween I love is the making of the Halloween treats. This year I'm kicking it off with the Halloween Haystacks I made for the bake sale at work. Yeah they're just HAYSTACKS but hey, they are goooood.


FENICLE said...

That looks like fun!!! What a good time. And those haystacks are totally YUM!!

Avery Gray said...

Everyone's making fun of my albino pumpkins this year. I say they can bite me! If it's good enough for Martha, it's good enough for me!

Love your blog, btw!