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Friday, July 06, 2007

You Googled WHAT?

I hadn't looked in a while to see HOW you were getting here, but Sarah reminded me how much fun it can be. And while I'm not getting hits for ANAL FIESTA like she is (ooo but maybe I will NOW!).
At first I was a little bored but as usual, you freaks of nature out there really came through for me again. I love you all. Keep coming at me.......and
you folks at PENISSIZELINKS.
God Bless you.

Best thing that ever happened to my traffic. I shall blog MORE about large penises on ROME and any other large penises I can get info on, I swear - just to see the hits roll in. Nice to see you size queens in the audience. A big hello to all of you. :)

Anyway, just some fun googles that got you here.....

* Paramount Pizza Palace - yeah this place rocks. If you are in the area, I recommend it mightily.
* Sly Stone - Okay I am a dork we have established that.
* Gyno Chair - I get this one a lot. Seriously, I never have been in a Gyno CHAIR. Table yes. Foot in stirrups, livin la vida loca. Chair? Not so much.
* Words to the Downward Spiral - Seriously how sad were you that you landed here, my Goth NIN worshipping friend?
* TSA Stemware - I don't think they have this. But I think they should. Like, if you get selected for one of their random extra special searches and you are CLEAN, you should get a piece of stemware. Then it'd be a game to complete the set. "Only four more body cavity searches and I can get the Gravy Boat!"
* Sam Adams Summer Ale - Very good stuff. It's summer, drink some.
* Bitchy Betty PMS Doll - Ummmm, yeah I don't know this one. Does this exist?
and my favorite.......
* Why were there guys wearing diapers in Sarasota? - I SO do not know the answer to this one. But, I'm thinking you were not at the Amish restaurant I liked so much.


Anonymous said...

So the TSA Stemware... not the Tampa Sprts Authority, huh?