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Monday, July 23, 2007

To the Mofos Who Used to Rent This Appt

You have certain hopes when you rent an apartment. You hope for good sunlight.

And big closets, and a nice floor plan without a lot of wasted space.

But thing you shouldn't HAVE to hope for, is that the stupid mofos who rented the place before you didn't discharge the fire extinguisher into the oven and then not notify anyone. Because if that happens, the next people, people LIKE ME, have this problem with their oven. It sort of smells. It doesn't heat properly. And then one day the dad in the family has a eureka moment and grabs the fire extinguisher from under the sink.


So he spent today vacuuming out the stove per the instructions on the internet (we previously thought they had used oven cleaner and not wiped it out properly) and cleaning it out.

I certainly hope those dry chemical laced cookies I served last night don't give us all hideous forms of cancer in 10 years.


Anonymous said...

Damn mofos.

Lumpyheadsmom said...

Wow. Do you think they were jackasses, or just really bad cooks?

April Brandon said...

how about both???