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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Blogher is Coming to Second Life!

And it's free! Why haven't you signed up yet? I went to all the trouble of sponsoring a booth. Two of them even.
Here is the first one. At my booth you can pick up a lovely suit for next to nothing and I'll have some freebies there for you too, so you don't have to wear the hideous noob attire that you can gor free when you sign up.
How do you sign up?
It's easy.
Go HERE. Fill out the forms.
Go to Second Life - www.secondlife.com and make yourself an Avatar. Don't worry that you don't look GORGEOUS like me - we'll fix you up.

And no you don't have to be a Goth Princess or a Glamour Girl - that's the beauty of Second Life, you can be whomever you like.
Take a look at the conference schedule for Second Life Blogher if you need more convincing.


Mister Homie G Fly said...

awsome dude tottally awsome, i wanna join man it be narly like chicken ham and peanut butter samies weird, tottaly weird by awsome, like dude u have to try them they like ROCK, man well catch ya l8er bye i know you'll miss me, but its okay i'll be back