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Monday, July 30, 2007

Why Blogging Can Matter

I am a self indulgent blogger. I don't blog for charity or for the public good. I don't blog about ISSUES or causes or ever even try to engage in meaning or controversy.
I'm kind of a self absorbed jerk.

I blog my joy, and my pain, and the things I do in the same self important way that people who give you a tour of their house are showing off what they have. Check me out, I say. This is me. I know you think I'm cool.

Except I don't believe that at all. And just when I think that despite the potential of blogging, that we don't really matter, that it doesn't make one whit of difference, I get this comment.......

Natalie has left a new comment on your post "Flight 5191 and the Loss of Bobby Meaux": Bridgett,I dated Bobby a long time ago and have been thinking of him often since the one year is approaching. I caught myself with a rubber band around my wrist the other day and it reminded me of him. I could not remember which wrist he wore it on but thanks to the picture on your blog, I found my answer. Thank you for giving me a chance to see him again. I miss him more than I could ever imagine.

We're making a record. A record of things that don't matter, and of things that do. And sometimes they are the same things. It's the wonderful duplicity of the blogosphere.

I sit here, with tears in my eyes, remembering Bobby wearing the IU tshirt during the NCAA championships, pointing at his chest and grinning, saying "HOOSIER FAVORITE?". He gave me the shirt when I left the company, and I in turn wore it to his funeral.

Natalie, I also miss him more than I could ever imagine. I'm glad I was able to show him to you.
He was one of the best people I ever knew.