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Saturday, July 07, 2007

Notes from the Trenches, Or Some Unrepentant MommyBlogging

I have this friend named Janet who lives in Kentucky. Sometimes when she is blathering on in a serious heat about something, and you really are thinking "does your train of thought have a caboose" she'll lay her hand on your arm and say "Girl I know, I just have to GET IT OUT, so let me finish."
I think blogging is that.
I have to get it out.
So, let me finish.

Today I will be reading from the book of "The Breadth of the Parenting Experience, or How Your Night Can Go from Tender to Horrific in 30 minutes."

Last night I was having one of those mommy moments, brushing teeth, reading stories, tucking into bed, etc etc etc. Kisses are distributed, night-night's wished and as I'm getting ready to stop across the gate I hear Baby Birdman say "Mama?" so I turned around and walk back over to his bed. And he smiles and says "Night Night".

I walk away feeling all tender and mommyish and full of the hope of fertility and joy. Don't LAUGH. You other mommies out there get that way too, even if you aren't ever having MORE kids......those moments fill me with joy, and I forgive him for nearly killing me with pain when he was born.......I even forget it.

I get a beer, I turn on a show about preserving the dead on the history channel.

30 minutes pass. I flip on BIG LOVE on HBO. And I hear Baby Birth of Cool SOBBING.

Hmmmm, Mommy must investigate. Halfway down the hall.....I smell it.

Liquid brown death.

I step over the gate. Baby Birth of Cool has the quilt up to his face, shielding himself from the Vapors. Baby Birdman, however, Baby Birdman has dipped his hand into the Diaper of Death, and is PAINTING.
Painting......with poop.

On his pillow.

Tender Moment........over.


April Brandon said...

I nearly peed my pants....I'm so sorry!!!!

Unknown said...

Ewwwwwwww...I am so sorry! But really...it is a little funny...lol!

Heather said...

Hi...just a lurker here...but the first time oldest son took a nap I was in a state of bliss. Sitting on the quiet couch I thought to myself, "self...you made it 18 months three days and 42 minutes, but you made it! Naptime rules!" After about an hour of quiet...not knowing what to do with myself...I went to check on bundle of joy #1...the poop painting had been made into a mural, the boy child was covered from head to toe and toy box had been opened...ever. single. toy. had poop on it...and he was so proud! ARGH! Great post...I hope it all goes better tonight. :)

Anonymous said...


That is bad.