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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

On Any Other Day

Yesterday was a milestone x3 and the first day of school around here. I'm up early at 0'Dark Hundred because due to said milestone, I didn't get one single free "me" moment yesterday and if I don't get some silence I go crazy.

This is me attempting sanity by creating sleep deprivation. Don't try to understand it.

Our biggest event yesterday was Julia's very first day of school. Kindergarten beware, she is in you. She tells me she went to the wrong room while showing her friend where to go. She tells me this confidently, she was leading the way, got lost but hey no problem because a nice teacher helped her. She tells me she "did learning" but can't seem to quite tell me what she learned except the bumblebee song.
I was so proud of her yesterday morning. What I wanted was for her to be confident and walk away from us without a hesitation. I wanted her to head off into the world in a way that showed me we'd done it right, despite the fact that we realized we've never let her use scissors in all this time, I wanted to see that the PERSON she is can handle the world I'd just sent her into.

She didn't disappoint. The bus pulled up and she didn't even say goodbye. She turned and walked away, only casting one look back at her friend like "Why aren't you coming?" while her friend hugged her mom again. She got on the bus like a boss, and like that she was gone, into new independence and freedom. Into a world where she got lost and didn't even blink.

THAT'S what I wanted.
Not to be completely overshadowed, it was the twins first day of sixth grade. We got a reprieve from school system chaos and both boys are in the same school this year (although not the same one as Louis). They are on the same bus so that's only ONE thing for me to deal with YAY.
They are in separate classes and I really like both of their teachers. Both boys are in for three years of being challenged to grow and I find that exciting. Charlie was doing potty training day one - and Miles brought home a work sheet that he WROTE the answers on himself. They seemed very happy but tired yesterday. We hardly had ANY fighting.
As for my big boy, my Louis, my first baby? Well he's in 7th grade and while he's just as excited as we are taking pictures and videos of the little ones going to school, when it's his turn you know he's too cool for all of that. SO MUCH TOO COOL FOR IT. When we went to his bus stop he says "WHAT You're COMING TO THE BUS STOP?" and we were like yep, get over it. We're ALWAYS COMING TO YOUR BUS STOP ON DAY ONE.

My husband suggested if he didn't like it, he cold come to school to follow him around on his first day. I think he decided to roll with us being at the bus stop.

So now we're on day two, and I'm sitting at the computer rather than getting ready like I should. I think I've got a plan however, for getting them ready and out the door starting in 28 minutes. First bus is at 7:50, then there is one at 8:15 then Louis has to leave right then to head to HIS bus stop and then I'm off to work.

I'm kind of glad school is back. I'm ready for this next chapter of adventure.

Goodbye summer.