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Thursday, August 06, 2015

Every Little Thing She Does

My last baby is starting school on Monday. Today we go to the school orientations x4 teachers. We start with her, back to the school that was our first experience, where our big boy learned that there was indeed a life outside of our house.

She's so excited. I feel this pit in my heart, how can she be this big? She doesn't seem READY for school. She's kind of a nut, kind of immature.

She's still my baby.

How is my baby supposed to go be at school all day, without us to make sure she isn't doing the wrong things, without us to help her make the right decisions?

When the boy went, I was excited for him. I might have shed a tear but I wasn't sad he went. I was happy for his new world. Every day was a bit of an adventure, we wanted to hear what happened at school, get all the info from him.

Part of me doesn't think she can DO this. HOW can she be ready for this?

But she is. Foremost, she's desperate to go to school. She's been asking me every day for over a week if tomorrow is the day she gets to go to school. She asked me the day she turned five if NOW she could go to school. She's MORE than ready. She's wanting to go NOW. Now is almost here.

She says she can't wait to eat at their restaurant. I commend her enthusiasm for school lunch.

So we start with her, meet her teacher, do the necessary get a bus assignment and pick up info, get a car rider tag, join the PTA, the usual. Then we lather rinse repeat with the boys. Tomorrow we have dentist appointments, shoes to buy, haircuts to get, etc. The final launch preparation for school to start on Monday begins in 30 minutes when I start waking this household up.

I'm ready for them to get back on a schedule. I'm ready for the normal to return after a kind of crazy summer.

But I am not ready for this little girl to start walking away from me.

Yet, here we go.