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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Fortress Around Your Heart

I went for my annual check up at the cardiologist yesterday. Above is an image of the EKG that earned me a cardiologist. March 22 of 2014 (which I just realized is my parents anniversary) I had chest pains and ended up spending a quality day in the ER with friend Dave. Since then, a lot of things have changed.

My appointment was one I actually went prepared for with lots of questions. I didn't end up having to ask a lot of them, though. I would like to come off of my blood pressure medicine, and it turns out that with a blood pressure of 104/62 he agreed it was TOO low. I've been having some dizziness after working out, and it's probably related to a too low bp. My pulse was 64 which is apparently a good thing.

He was probably more excited than I was about my weight loss. My heartbeat was actually normal yesterday - I didn't get a pic of the normal. I'm not getting my hopes up about it staying normal, as the nature of my condition is "intermittent" you know - so sometimes I will be normal. Sometimes not.

In going over my history he asked again "no heart conditions in your family" and I answered "Funny you should mention that..." and shared about Dad's saga. When I got done talking about Dad, he said "I'm so sorry to hear that. Is he going to be ok?"

No. He's not. He's not going to be ok at all. So I told him that.

He put his pen down and said, "You realize you're changing your odds right? That won't be you if you continue to change your life now, it's not too late."

That's what I'm counting on.