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Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Vacations and Autism

Day one on vacation in Charleston and autism is having a field day with making sure that everyone knows who is boss,
Miles decided today that he didn't want to do anything that we were doing, unless he did want to do it. He wanted to do different things, or the thing we were previously doing. The thing we were doing right now? No. Probably not. Or maybe yes. He didn't want to make it easy.
Rain threatened today so we headed to the South Carolina Aquarium for some fish and apparently lemurs. There is a video Louis took of this Lemur jumping on Miles - it was hysterical despite his screaming. Sorry I'm a bad parent, it was funny.
Ok Miles was in the plexiglass and protected, he was fine. And he was fascinated with the lemurs so the shriek was only a mild setback, he even went in again. This is the lemur in mid air, damn reflection! Ruined the image.
This is what Julia has chosen to wear on safari in Madagascar. Seems appropriate.
It was a nice aquarium if small, I confess we're more than a bit spoiled for sure. 

They all liked the outdoor exhibit with stingrays and other fun things. But Miles made the aquarium super stressful despite our efforts to be cheery and put on a happy face. It's weird, we had FUN but it was fun punctuated with "omg we're sorry he's autistic" fun. It wasn't hat bad, it was just the pendulum back and forth that was hard.

We went to a place recommended by friends for dinner. Hominy Grill was delicious per me and the boy, and just alright to the husband.
I had a drink which I paid for all night because my stomach hates liquor like the fire of 1000 suns. But it was really tasty I have to admit. I do miss booze I admit.

The best thing though was the seven dollar chocolate pudding. It was more of a ganache, and it was like 7 dollars worth of heaven and thick amazing delicious wonderful. This was literally the best pudding in the history of pudding on  the earth. Others in the world can simply stop making pudding, we've found the best.

The police never came from the screaming in our hotel room last night, it was autism tantrum central. But it seems that Miles is sick, he woke up with a fever. We've got a day of boats and Fort Sumter so he's loaded up with medicine and we're hopeful for a better day.

Wish us luck!