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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Ka Is A Wheel That Turns

Birthday number 11 arrived for the twins and we celebrated with an awesome dinosaur cake and our Aunties Suzie and Debbie were even here for the fun.
As always they ate their ice cream and ignored the cake but I think they were mostly excited by the light up balloons their daddy got them. They're pretty cool. I came down from getting ready to go out and they had the lights turned off and were playing balloon battles with the aunties.
Our original plan had been to go bowling but between league night at one place and 99c bowling at another, we couldn't get near a lane that would suit all 8 of us, so we'll have to make that a plan for another day. Instead we headed up to Lake Lanier and went to Vinny's for some of my favorite local pizza. I always think of Judy who loved Vinny's when we are there, she recommended it to us.
So another birthday passes and now it's been eleven years since we went from 3 to 5 in one day. It's been a long time, sometimes were harder than others but I love these little guys so much. They have a lot of challenges in front of them, namely middle school, and I'm excited to see how they grow. They've changed and learned so much in elementary school, more than I ever thought that they could.

Here's hoping for another 11 years of growth and improvement for my special little guys.