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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

If Something Happens...

When you have your first kid you see this little saying around quite a bit, it goes something like "Having a child is letting your heart walk around outside of your body." It's something like that. I feel like that sentiment is a pale comparison to what it's really like.

Yesterday we had storms, which isn't unusual. The Gulf of Mexico sends warm moist air up into Texas and that air goes rolling east across flat Mississippi and Alabama and by the time I gets here we have a real gullywasher going (I miss Stan Wood the Weatherman on Channel 8, he was AWESOME). We do get some tornadoes, not many because of the hills and trees but it can happen.

Yesterday was one of those days. When everyone's phones start going off with tornado warnings and you bring up the radar and yes indeed, that's rotation & all the weathermen are saying stuff like "this is not a drill take cover" you know it's spring in Atlanta. Still, I was at work, the storm was down where I was and I felt pretty safe in a big old brick building. I watched the weather, so we could be aware if we needed to move to a safe room and then to my surprise it moved north.

Toward my house.

We were pretty lucky all in all with this storm. I think there might've been a tornado or straightline winds west of us, for us in general we go hail and what my husband and I like to call "evil" skies. If you've ever been in a tornado, you'd know that sick colored sky in a minute, it's bizarre. The schools were very proactive and held the buses to be safe and really, everything landed exactly as it should have. No funnel dropped on my neighborhood. Or any that I know of actually.

The two moments that caused me pause was when I texted my husband a heads up that the storm was coming for him, and realized he wasn't home, he was on the road with my little girl. Waiting waiting waiting for them to say they were home safe was nerve wracking. He said they got into the house just as the hail started, and it got so cold you could see your breath.

There was so much hail that it kicked up the chlorine from the dispenser in the pool causing foaming and frothing and then it all froze over, which I missed. He said you could SEE it freezing over. That's just tornado weather if nothing is, for sure.

But then, he tells me later, that my son sent a text. To say that there was a tornado and that if something happens he loved us. My heart came out of my chest and exploded. I asked him later if he was scared, and he laughed and said "yeah a little" so I didn't press him. He told me they watched WallE and sat together in a corner of the safe room.

I'm so glad they have a safe room.

I hate spring suddenly, like I have never hated anything. Go away spring storms. You scared my love and I just can't have that.