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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The Ups and Downs of the Travel

The down side of travel started Sunday night as I held a weeping four year old in my arms who was begging me not to leave her to travel for work. I cried too as she told me she needed me home so that she can take care of me. "Who will take care of you there? Who will protect you if I'm not there?" she asks me. I tell her I don't know and feel my own mortality and a future where she does in fact take care of me loom.

The next bit came when I barely made it to the airplane on time because of ATLANTA TRAFFIC AND REASONS which mostly had to do ATLANTA TRAFFIC but also they Braves might have been playing I don't even know, I was too busy not letting people who were texting while driving NOT KILL ME. Which was fun. Not.

I had plans of eating at the airport.but being late and barely getting to the gate on time made that impossible. I rushed to my seat as our crew was in a hurry to get going. At that point I realized ....I was sitting on the engine. Oh hell, that's going to be loud I thought.
It can only be loud if you take off though. And since we were missing some piece of paper that apparently this giant steel bird requires to fly we sat. And sat. For 90 minutes we SAT. I read half of a new gunslinger novel by Stephen King which I had sworn off but now I'm back with the ka-tet once again like a bad penny that keeps turning up.

Eventually we took to the sky. There were biscoff cookies for late lunch and black coffee which wasn't bitter and that made it better.

I got to have a fun dinner with my gorgeous friend Ardith who is so VERY fancy and lovely. I am so underdressed! But really it was so much fun we're going to do it again sometime. I got to meet her husband and experience the amazingness of Toronto which had me slackjawed in awe at this place. I had NO IDEA Toronto is this massive insane city like New York or Chicago.
That photo does not EVEN do it justice. I can't wait to go back and maybe see more in the day. We checked out the Lakeview that was on Diners and Drive Ins and it was awesome. Except they had no malt. Seriously? No MALT???? WHAT IS UP!? YOU CALL YOURSELF A DINER?

I told the guy I was crushed, but I settled for a chocolate shake.

I'm driving around the city in a little tiny car that I covet. It's SO tiny and zippy I love it.

Tonight after a great day at work catching up on my work life, a storm was rolling in. I settled in with the end of this most current tale about Roland the Gunslinger which is different that Roland the Headless Thompson Gunner and finished my book while the windows shook, leaving the drapes open to watch the huge clouds move across the plain. It was a lovely storm.

I ordered my food in and ate fish and chips without any regret and a coke for dinner and one for later which I didn't need but I confess I enjoyed.
For reasons unknown they took my request for ketchup to mean a vat of ketchup. The fish mas meh, the fries were ok. But I ate my dinner in my pajamas and watched TV mindlessly which was brilliant.

It was a good spot for peace and calm for two nights. Thanks hotel room, I feel refreshed and recharged.
I got a vacation to recover from my vacation. Working during the day time isn't even a hardship when you get some mindspace in the evenings.

And now I can't wait to get home, because there are five people I want to kiss and hug and tell them how much I love them.