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Thursday, July 12, 2012

The CIA Is Hiring

So last night I went out for drinks and a movie with some work mates. We had a great time, but on the way home, I probably heard one of the most hilarious things ever on the radio.
The CIA is hiring.
Seriously, the CIA is doing RADIO DROPS to get people to apply to work for them.
I was sort of half heartedly listening, when it occurred to me it wasn't some sort of joke advertisement. They kept going on about Clandestine Service and then finished with "See more information at CIA.GOV."

This is hilarious and intriguing to me on many levels. First of all, is no one left in military intelligence or like, the FBI or something to move over into the CIA? That seems like it would be a promotion from where I sit out in civilian land. I'm not sure of course, but in my movie-based point of reference, CIA seems like the coolest spy unit to work for.

Secondly, in the radio ad, they list qualifications as "being able to take a polygraph test" and "willing to submit to a physical exam."

Ok - able. Yes, I am ABLE to take a polygraph test. I'm wondering what they are looking fro though. The ability to tell the truth or the ability to LIE AND FOOL THE MACHINE. That's sort of fascinating to me. I thought only sociopaths can fool the machine though, so maybe that's not such a good quality.

Willing to submit to a physical exam? Yeah ok. If forty something and kind of fat works for you, exam all you want.

I kind of want to know what sort of questions they would ask you. I'm fascinated. Part of me wants to apply JUST to find out. I'm fairly sure they don't pay anything worth getting myself killed in some third world prison for, but man, it's definitely intriguing. I linked to them so they'll see this blog post and know I'm not serious and I won't get an interview. :(  Part of me WANTS TO KNOW WHAT ITS LIKE TO INTERVIEW FOR THE CIA.

Plus, if they asked me if I would kill a man, I could answer, "In Reno - Just to watch him DIE."

Looking at their web page - does anyone else things it's freaky that they have a kids page?