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Friday, August 12, 2011

THE THING In My Shower

So the husband has indicated to me that he might find it agreeable if I were to shave my legs.

More than annually.

To this end, he's purchased me a new razor and some girly smelling plumeria girl shower-shave gel. I am all FOR girly smelling things, so I could hardly resist such an inviting idea as using it - even if it DID involve shaving.

Thus there I am, bent slightly at the waist, giving the calves a good scraping with delicious smells wafting all about me (combo - Pantene, plumeria shave gel, Bath & Body works Swept Away body gel) when something above my head goes THUMP BONK.......

and then something landed on my back.

Something big, and wet, and.....big. As I stood up suddenly I bonk my head on the shower caddy which seems to have moved and the thing on my back slithers down and goes PLOP on the floor of the shower.

It's a wash cloth.

The shower caddy had slipped down the shower nozzle a bit, and the wash cloth had fallen off to the nearest thing below it - my back.

I laughed, until I realized I had cut the crap out of my leg with my new razor when I jumped.

I was so shaken, however - the next thing I did was slather a huge handful of apricot scrub...into my hair.

Not the most relaxing shower I've had recently.

I kinda wish it had been THE THING. Kurt Russel could've saved me.