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Friday, August 19, 2011

Define "LUXURY"

So my hubby has a doctor appointment this A.M. which is why I'm home. My initial thought was WOOT I can go back to bed after the boys go to school!
But then, it occurred to me.....all the THINGS I could do with them gone.
Such as, I could have a cup of coffee without a seven year old drinking nearly the whole cup - and sobbing "I WANT COFFEE" any time I was drinking.
I could take a shower. I could take a shower without a seven year old standing in front of the mirror in front of me singing "Who let the H out HA HA HA ! Who let the I out ih ih ih ih" and so on. I could also dry off, and slather up with lotion without an 8 year old coming in to cover in depth every alien that was present as The Doctor was dragged into the Pandorica.
I could, after slathering up with lotion, walk around naked while it soaked in without the same 8 year old pontificating about the strategic values of Imperial Star Destroyers vs. Republic Battle Cruisers.
I could then get dressed, at my leisure and sit down at the computer.
I would not have seven year olds demanding to get on my lap, screaming because they were hungry, screaming because someone on TV was counting, screaming because a door closed and made a clicky noise, screaming because who knows why. There would be no conversations on how much a Lego Imperial Walker costs on Amazon.
I could come in here, put the baby in her pack n play, turn on Bob the Builder......
and write.

I wonder what I should write about?