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Wednesday, August 03, 2011

I Am Not Saying My Feet Stink But...

So, I have these MaryJanes that I wear every day to work. 99.9999999% of the time, without socks. I'm an 80s girl we like MaryJanes.

The husband says - omg put odor eaters in your shoes THEY STINK.

So I oblige. I've worn them before. I know how this works. I cut them to size, slip them in and wear them a couple of days - and then - they start balling up inside my shoe after I've had them on a couple of hours.

This is driving me nuts.

I go to look at them this morning and realize, they shrank.

They fit inside my shoe perfectly when I put them in and now they are visibly SMALLER than when I put them in.

My powerful foot stink has beaten Odor Eaters.

I'm not entire sure I should be proud of this.


Laura said...

You just need your Grandma to come and wash your feet before bed.

Anonymous said...

my brother put odor eaters in his shoes and he . . .disappeared!